Antique & Collectibles Shop

The log cabin is packed with antiques and collectibles.

Is it an antique store?

One of the largest and oddest collections of antiques and eclectic items anywhere. If you like antiques and are intrigued by all things eclectic, all mixed with visual stimulation of old cars, useless and useful “stuff”, including old railroad cars, old circus wagons, 50’s cars in the woods, SS Minnow stuck in a swamp, etc., this is the place for you.

And then there is the history of Gladys, the owner; and her past of being a stock racer, demo race driver, etc; many decades ago – that all adds to this amazing destination.

Watch for the 20ft  Parrot and Rocket Ship on the side of I-35 in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Meet Kathy, Jake & Alley-Oop the dog.

About our business name… Kathy says Hot Sams was Gladys’ nickname, a name she preferred to her given Gladys, which taunting youngsters reinvented into, well, you can figure that out, during her childhood.

Then Kathy shares more about Gladys and a clearer picture emerges of this strong woman. She once raced cars, breaking the land speed record on Daytona Beach in 1956.

“It became a labor of love,” Kathy Sakry says of this whole intriguing place. She and Jake Hood, who, along with his mother, Gladys Hood, 26 years ago transformed a field with a two-car path into Hot Sam’s Antiques. Nine years prior to that, the business was located in Burnsville. Gladys died in December 2010.